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Shipping Success Ebook Cover

E-Book: Measuring the Health of Your Shipping Operations

Download the E-Book It’s a huge understatement to say that shipping and logistics management is complex. From budgeting for surcharges, understanding pricing bands and variable pricing schedules, to assessing performance, there’s a lot to consider. Posted rates from carrier pricing tables are only the beginning. There are expected and unexpected surcharges, negotiated discounts, volume-based discounts, […]

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Flywheel Ebook Cover

E-Book: Start your Flywheel of Savings

Download the E-Book Jim Collins, in his popular book, Good to Great, introduced the idea that companies don’t become great overnight, or as a result of one decision or action, but rather the sum of small wins that add up over long periods of time. The “flywheel effect” is seen when the momentum of small […]

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