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Reveel Services

May 14, 2019

Cost-Saving Tips to Minimize Parcel Shipping Surcharges

The parcel shipping industry focuses a lot on base rates — namely, how much they increase each year, and how those changes will impact shippers. But according to data Reveel has gathered, base rates only account for about 65 percent of what shippers spend on parcel delivery. The remaining 35 percent comes from accessorial fees and surcharges. Parcel shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx tack surcharges onto every service they can. Some of these fees apply to packages themselves, like additional handling fees or oversize packages fees. Others cover delivery expenses, like fees on packages delivered to residential instead of commercial addresses. Some carriers charge when they have to provide a service they shouldn’t have to, like correcting an incorrect address, or provide service during a particular time, such as […]

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