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Shipping Industry News

May 09, 2019

Kohl’s Stores Will Soon Accept Amazon Returns

Kohl’s is a department store offering clothing basics, homewares, shoes. CNN described its shoppers in April as “a loyal shopping base of middle-aged moms,” in a story about how the retailer is pursuing the coveted Millennial market. Millennials may have a new reason to go to Kohl’s, however — one unrelated to “style bars” and other retail experiences. In July, Kohl’s will begin accepting all Amazon returns at stores nationwide. In October 2017, Kohl’s announced a pilot version of this partnership at 82 stores in Chicago and Los Angeles. Customers could bring any products they’d purchased on Amazon to Kohl’s, and the retail chain would handle the return process. When Amazon said “any item,” they meant it. It didn’t have to be a Kohl’s product. It didn’t even have to have […]

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May 07, 2019

Fedex Now Has an Autonomous Same-Day Delivery Bot

When the package delivery industry talks about autonomous vehicles, we often think of self-driving cars — and for good reason, since many experts believe will eliminate long-haul truck driving jobs in a matter of years. Drones are also making strides toward more widespread adoption. FedEx is now operating a revenue-generating drone delivery system in North Carolina, and competitors are likely on the way. But several companies are also working on small autonomous mobile robots that can complete last-mile deliveries. These robots move like pedestrians, using crosswalks and sidewalks, to move parcels from warehouses or big-box stores to customers’ homes. If these pilot projects prove successful, then these child-sized vehicles could have a giant-sized impact on last-mile delivery for the e-commerce market. Amazon is developing an autonomous delivery vehicle that would be […]

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Apr 30, 2019

What is Amazon’s Project Zero?

Amazon is on top of the retail world. A significant portion of the platform’s success has come from the business that third-party sellers do on the site — using Amazon as a facilitator to sell goods to customers rather than, or in addition to, setting up their own digital storefronts. In 2016, half of all sales on Amazon were third-party goods sold through the Amazon Marketplace. But third-party vendors bring unique challenges, too. Some of those sellers have been accused of copying patented products and counterfeiting established brands. And Amazon has been accused of doing too little to vet third-party sellers to make sure they’re legitimate. “We’ve continued to make progress in reducing the amount of counterfeit in our store… but the fact is that today, that number’s not zero. […]

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Apr 25, 2019

How Reveel Can Help During the Economic Slowdown

Supply chain leaders likely got chills when they opened the Financial Times in early April to read: “The global economy has entered a “synchronised slowdown” which may be difficult to reverse in 2019, according to the latest update of a tracking index compiled by the Brookings Institution think-tank and the Financial Times.” Between trade tensions, weak business and consumer sentiment, and other geopolitical uncertainties, the global economy has been slowing for months now. The FT reported that data from both first-world economies and developing ones show “fading momentum in global growth.” For policymakers, that means it’s time to start thinking about how to stimulate the economy. For everyone participating in the economy, however, it’s time to think about how to weather this downturn. What does the Economic Downturn mean for […]

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