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FedEx & UPS suspend Service Guarantees due to COVID-19

FedEx & UPS suspend Service Guarantees due to COVID-19

FedEx and UPS have both announced suspensions due to COVID-19. On Monday, March 23, 2020 FedEx announced the suspension of the Money-Back Guarantee program. UPS was quick to follow with their announcement, “effective March 24, 2020 and until further notice, the UPS Service Guarantee is suspended for all U.S. origin shipments (U.S. Domestic and International) at any service level.” Although these suspensions are similar to peak holiday season terms, the COVID-19 suspension is open-ended with an undefined end date. 

Another key change due to COVID-19, is UPS and FedEx’s signature guidelines being temporarily amended for all shipments within the United States, with the exception of Adult Signature Required (ASR) shipments. Surcharges for these services will continue to be assessed as customers are being asked to verify identity in ways that limit physical interactions.

For those organizations utilizing Reveel Invoice Audit services, the suspension of the Money-Back Guarantee can potentially add 2% – 5% to each invoice from the carrier moving forward. Reveel audit services will continue for reporting purposes and recovery of all other billing errors. If these additional fees are upsetting your organizations P&L planning, this may be a great time to consider a Contract Analysis and Negotiation to offset these additional fees. The average recovery for Contract Negotiation can exceed 10% – 20%.

See the FedEx announcement email here.

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