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How Reveel Helps You Find the Best Shipping Rates

How Reveel Helps You Find The Best Shipping Rates

Reveel helps companies all over the country save money on shipping charges. Our secret is a consulting team made up of former pricing executives at leading shipping companies, which means they’ve seen what most businesses can’t see: how carriers set prices, how they vary by location and industry and what their contracts with companies’ competitors look like.

We start by helping companies analyze their shipping data to understand their shipping costs based on the items they ship. Then, we search for savings. Localized knowledge of markets across the U.S. — and a deep understanding of international markets — can reveal potential spending cuts that are easy to overlook.

With years of experience on the carrier side of negotiations, Reveel’s team has firsthand knowledge of hundreds of contracts. That often includes companies with similar shipping profiles to our clients or even direct competitors. Our consultants have a keen sense of what ideal shipping contracts look like and know where to look for cuts.

Here’s what we offer to help our clients save.

Preparing Executives for Shipping Contract Negotiations

A company’s shipping spend is almost entirely determined by its contract. Some companies have had contracts in place for years without reviewing their costs; others struggle to target the right aspects of their contracts during negotiation.

First, our consultants review a company’s existing contract. We look for outdated agreements or surcharges outside the industry norm. Then, we explore the company’s shipping data to understand exactly how much the contract costs — how much they spend on large packages, how much holiday season surcharges add up and how much particular distances cost.

Finally, we synthesize the two. We calculate potential contract changes to see what could save our clients the most money. We consider how to present those changes to the carrier, explaining them as win-win solutions for both parties. And then armed with information, our clients go to negotiation.

Auditing Invoices to Claim Money You’re Owed

Reviewing every invoice for every order a company ships is arduous and many companies simply don’t have the resources to do it. But they may be leaving money on the table. Carriers often make minor billing errors or deliver shipments later than promised. Even if customers don’t notice, carriers may owe their shippers refunds.

Reveel’s invoice auditing service identifies those late shipments and billing errors in near-real time, ensuring our clients get every dollar back. We recently helped the San Diego Zoo collect $13,000 in refunds for late deliveries.

Invoice auditing also offers a valuable dataset that executives can parse to understand where their supply chain has inefficiencies and whether internal changes could help save money in the long run.

Ongoing Data Analysis in Real Time

Reveel’s analytics platform tracks company shipments in real time and aggregate, offering valuable insight into all parts of a company’s supply chain and shipping cost. Paired with invoice audits, this data can reveal surcharges and costs that consistently eat into your shipping budget. Those are opportunities for significant savings which you can highlight in your next contract negotiation.

The shipping industry doesn’t lend itself to transparency. But Reveel’s goal is to harness industry knowledge to help companies stop paying more than they should for shipping. By using every tool available — invoice auditing, data analysis, and sharp contract negotiation — our clients routinely save 15 percent or more on shipping.

The best part? We don’t get paid if our clients don’t succeed. Reveel shares the savings with our clients, but we charge no up-front fees.

Try a free invoice audit today to find it out how Reveel could help your company save.