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Free Invoice Audit

For a limited time, find out how much you can save with a complimentary preview of our Invoice Auditing service. We’ll upload 3 months of your shipment data to our platform, giving you a personalized preview of our dashboards and reporting.

The fact is, every year, billions of dollars in shipping refunds go unclaimed:

  • Out of $2 billion in audit credit refunds owed by shipping carriers each year, a full 75% go unclaimed.
  • On average, 3% to 5% of packages are delivered late every day. But you only have 15 days to claim your money.
  • Billing errors can occur on every carrier invoice you receive.
  • If your company ships and receives packages you could be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds.

Our team of auditors will conduct a thorough, 45-point audit on your invoice. Contact us today to see how much money you’re losing every month to late deliveries and billing errors. On average, we save our clients 3% to 5%!

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