UPS and FedEx Small Parcel Audit - 100% Free

Tired of giving away your FedEx and UPS Small Parcel Audit Credits?

If your company ships with FedEx or UPS, you could be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds. Unlike our competitors, we believe you should be able to keep 100% of those refunds.

That’s why we offer Invoice Auditing ABSOLUTELY FREE in our Essential version of our Shipping Intelligence Platform.

Did you know that every year billions of dollars in shipping refunds go unclaimed? It’s true. Out of $2 billion in yearly parcel audit credit refunds owed by shipping carriers, a full 75% go unclaimed. That’s $1.5 billion! There’s a reason why. Claiming audit credits is hard. You only have 15 days to claim your refund. Billing errors can also occur on every carrier invoice and those invoices can be hundreds of pages long.

Audit Recovery Details

There’s no catch…no bait and switch… you really do get to keep 100% of your Audit Credits