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It’s time to take back control of your FedEx and UPS agreements.

Managing your company’s shipping costs can feel like an impossible task. You believe you’ve negotiated the best possible shipping agreement, but the details of that contract are complex and have hundreds of variables. Running business logistics is difficult already, but staying on top of your FedEx and UPS parcel agreement, and finding ways to save money on shipping, can add stress to your already full plate. Each quarter, as you review your financials, you might be left with more questions than answers about how well you’re managing your contracts.

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Reveel is the leading Shipping Intelligence® Platform that enables companies to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS.


With over 15 years of parcel agreement management expertise and industry experience, combined with leading-edge machine learning technology, we mine vast amounts of shipping data to provide actionable insights so you can make smarter business decisions and have peace of mind.


Only Reveel has the power to increase efficiencies and cost savings through a revolutionary “flywheel effect” platform using advanced data science. Our methodology has already produced over $200M in parcel savings for our clients.

The Flywheel Effect

Jim Collins, in his popular book, Good to Great, introduced the idea that companies don’t become great overnight, or as a result of one decision or action, but rather the sum of small wins that add up over long periods of time. The “flywheel effect” is seen when the momentum of small wins takes over to power longer periods of accelerated growth.

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When using Reveel’s platform to actively manage your agreement, you begin gaining momentum towards greater savings.  Our expansive dataset is the most robust in the industry and leverages decades of shipping experience and millions of shipping data points. This allows you to leverage insights into your shipping activities and uncover opportunities for savings, benchmark against shippers like you, and be fully prepared for successful contract negotiations. The more you leverage the Reveel platform to actively manage your contract, the more your savings accelerate.

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