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Agreement Comparison

With Agreement Compare you can upload multiple carrier agreements with a simple drag and drop interface and see a detailed side-by-side comparison that gives full transparency and clarity to highly complex agreements. Whether they are multiple versions from the same carrier or competing agreements from multiple carriers Reveel levels the playing field by giving you the tools so you'll know what they know.

Agreement comparison sheet
Agreement Comparison and rate simulation chart
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Rate Modeling & Simulation

Reveel's groundbreaking agreement comparison tool also allows what-if scenario modeling and simulation using your existing shipping data to clearly see the impact of changes to pricing bands, minimums, discount tiers, and surcharges.

This same functionality can be used to see the impact of operational or volume changes on your shipping costs based on your agreement terms. Planning an e-commerce promotion? Model and simulate it to see the impact on shipping charges.

Never Lose a Pricing Discount Again

Agreement Monitoring

Reveel Predictive analytics proactively alert you before you slip out of your pricing band or one of your many discounts expire. You get full transparency with NO surprises. Discounts that expire without warning can have huge impacts on your shipping costs. Reveel keeps track of them all and not only gives you 90 days advanced warning of a discount expiration, but also details the dollar impact of not taking action.

Reveel brings transparency and clarity to give business leaders peace of mind in understanding and managing their carrier agreement.

Agreement expiration monitoring
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