FedEx and UPS Agreement Negotiation (CAN)

Save up to 30% on your FedEx and UPS Agreement

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Technology Enhanced Negotiation

Many business owners think there couldn’t possibly be room to negotiate more savings on their contract carrier agreements. We have visibility into thousands of agreements and know what discounts you can negotiate. Carrier Agreements can have pricing tiers with different discounts for different weights and zones, and no shortage of fine print that can change the pricing altogether. Our machine learning technology defines the agreement that maximizes your savings.


Expert Team, Proven Process

Our expert team of former FedEx, UPS, and DHL pricing analysts understands carrier agreements and negotiation tactics and come fully prepared with benchmarking data from our analytics platform. We’ll perform a market analysis of your carrier agreement and gain insights that will lead you through a successful negotiation with your carrier. Our clients have outmaneuvered competitors and seen double-digit increases in revenue by using Reveel carrier agreement strategies.


Guaranteed Results, Zero Out-of-Pocket Costs

Our client’s see an average of 22% decrease in shipping costs with some seeing as high as 30%. We’re only paid a share of what we actually save your business. With zero new out-of-pocket costs, you have absolutely nothing to lose!



Client Stories

Reveel are very interested partners. They are really on our side. The solutions they propose are not one-size-fits-all. It is a tailored service. They seem to care about the results.

David Moritz

Chief Executive Officer, Society Awards

Reveel Negotiation Services are based on savings we achieve. There are zero out-of-pocket fees.