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Shipping Rate Increase Guide 2020

Get Smart with a FREE Rate Increase Guide

Shipping is an integral part of your business. A sudden increase in rates can be detrimental to your organization’s bottom line. How can you reduce the impact?

UPS and FedEx’s list rates will rise by an average of 4.9% in 2020, on par with rate increases from throughout the last decade. This pace of rate increases has become something that you can expect with certainty every single year.

This guide was created to teach you why these increases happen and how to save on shipping when they occur. You’ll learn:

  • Expectations for how shipping trends may change in the future
  • Tips on how to save when rates increase
  • Background on why shipping rates tend to inflate over time
  • Common seasonal shipping trends

If you’re informed on what to look for, your organization can save thousands of dollars each year on shipping costs. This guide is meant to give you the resources you need to mitigate unwanted increases in your shipping rates.

Shipping Rate Increase Guide 2020