Reveel Peer Index™ (RPI)

What is the Reveel Peer Index™?

If you could only use one number to judge the health of your shipping, your Reveel Peer Index™ is it.

Your RPI is a number from 0 to 100 that is calculated based on your six VitalFactors™ relative to your peers. It’s a true measure of your shipping health since it’s all your VitalFactors™ rolled up into one easy-to-use number.

Your RPI is not a “score” because who are we to score your shipping performance. RPI is an index (like a stock market index) calculated based on millions of shipping data points that compare your results with those of your peers. We use computational techniques to identify your “peer cohort” based on companies with similar VitalFactors™ as well as other dimensions like volume. Now, armed with your RPI, you can take informed steps to lower your shipping costs to the best possible outcome.

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How Do You Measure Shipping Success?

Changing buyer behaviours and increased consumer demand, combined with record price increases from the carriers, has made it virtually impossible to determine how well your shipping operations is performing. It is highly unlikely your shipping costs will go down, but how much of an increase is considered good. The only way to know is by comparing how well your doing compared to everyone else who ships like you do. The truth is that businesses have insufficient ways of measuring shipping success and business leaders know you can't manage what you can't measure.

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Using RPI to Your Benefit

Now you have this all-in-one number to assess your overall shipping health, how should you use it?

RPI is the one number that tells you how you’re doing but we take Peer Benchmarking a step further. Every Vital Factor also provides a Peer Benchmark so you can see where to focus your attention at a glance. You can also tap into the Actionable Insights to see exactly where you can make improvements. And you can refer back to your RPI to see the difference these changes have on your overall shipping health.

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