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Risk-Free Reveel: A Look Into Our Business Model Of No Up-Front Costs

Risk-Free Reveel

Reveel’s mission is simple: To save our clients as much money on shipping as possible. Our team of industry experts analyzes companies’ shipping data, seeks efficiencies and makes recommendations for negotiations with carriers.

Clients can save as much as 20 percent on shipping with our team’s inside knowledge of how carriers set rates and design contracts, and we’re proud to advertise it.

Our pricing model is simple, too: We save you money, or we don’t get paid.

Unlike shipping carriers, Reveel has no upfront charges, and our clients incur no new costs — no hourly fees, no annual fees, no add-on fees. We have to succeed in saving you money in order to earn money ourselves.

How Reveel Works

Reveel works with clients free of charge to understand their shipping data. Our experts identify potential cost efficiencies, where companies could improve their shipping strategies or ask for more favorable deals from carriers. Then, we prepare them for contract negotiation.

Only after clients reduce their shipping costs does Reveel get paid. When our clients cut their costs, we share the savings.

We tend to save clients 15 to 20 percent in contract negotiations. That means our average client saves 8 to 10 percent on shipping rates, even after paying us. Our invoice auditing service can create an additional way to save money, with many clients cutting costs 3 to 5 percent, on top of their lower negotiated rates.

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Reveel also offers our clients referral bonuses. For every new client that an existing client brings to Reveel, our existing client keeps an additional 5 percent of their shipping savings. That is, if Reveel and the client split cost savings 50/50, and the client makes one referral, they keep 55 percent and Reveel keeps 45 percent. If they make two referrals, they keep 60 percent.

There’s no cap on referrals — if a client split savings 50/50 with Reveel and referred 10 new clients to us, we would serve them for free.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

At Reveel, we invest deeply in preparing our clients to negotiate better shipping rates and contracts — because we’ve got skin in the game, so to speak. Our clients’ success is our success.

For example, when lifestyle brand Nixon split with its parent company Billabong, UPS told Nixon it could not match the rates it gave to the much larger Billabong account.

Reveel analyzed Nixon’s shipping profile and empowered executives to return to negotiations using Billabong’s pricing as a baseline, but focusing on Nixon’s shipping volumes and areas in the contract specific to their product type. The restructuring of the contract generated 19 percent savings for Nixon — which resulted in profits for Reveel.

Styles For Less, a fast-fashion manufacturer, saved 16 percent when Reveel’s experts prepared them for contract negotiation. Styles For Less ships large but light boxes, and their carrier’s calculations of dimensional weight meant they were billed as if each package was heavier than the actual weight. Reveel helped executives secure a dimensional divisor that was almost double the standard published figure.

At Reveel, we believe companies shouldn’t have to risk their own capital to save money on shipping. We lift the veil on carriers’ strategies and arm our clients with the best possible information — because we only benefit when our clients do.

Our business model is entirely built on our clients’ success in saving money on shipping costs — which means we want nothing more than to help them succeed.