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  • Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

    Did you know that every year billions of dollars in shipping refunds go unclaimed? It’s true. Out of $2 billion in yearly parcel audit credit refunds owed by shipping carriers, a full 75% go unclaimed. That’s $1.5 billion!

    The fact is, if your company ships and receives packages with carriers like FedEx and UPS, you could be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds. Every time a package arrives late, you’re likely owed a refund.

  • Invoice Auditing Gets You What You’re Owed

    On average, 3% to 5% of packages are delivered late every day. But you only have 15 days to claim your refund. Billing errors can also occur on every carrier invoice. The problem is those invoices can be hundreds of pages long.

    Reveel’s team of shipping audit specialists will conduct a thorough, 45-point parcel audit on each of your shipments. Our proprietary software platform automates the invoice audit refund process and gets you every penny you’re owed.

  • No Risk, No Out-of-Pocket Cost

    The best part about our parcel auditing service is that you get to keep 100% of the savings. No hidden fees or long-term contracts. Reveel is the leading partner in the industry that provides invoice audit services using data science.

    Contact us today to see how much money you’re losing every month due to late deliveries and billing errors. On average, our small parcel auditing services save our clients 3% to 5%!

Client Stories

  • It just does it itself. It’s all in the background. I don’t have to do anything. I get the statements about what credits I should get and make sure that I got them. I don’t have to think about it.
    Ira Fogelman - CFO and VP of Operations, Connected Apparel

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