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Investing in our Community: How Reveel Partners With Southern California Companies

Reveel Partners with Southern California Companies

Reveel’s home is San Diego, California, the U.S.’s second-largest hub of the sports and active lifestyle industry. Southern California has a bustling community of surfers, hikers, yogis and extreme sports enthusiasts — which includes many of Reveel’s team members — and the region is full of customers eager to buy high-quality sports products.

It’s also full of entrepreneurs ready to design those products. The region ranked fourth in the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship in 2016, jumping seven spots from 2015. It’s also home to some of the U.S.’s top universities and had the country’s fifth-most patents per capita in 2015.

The sports and active lifestyle industry in San Diego is nearly as large as the city’s long-established shipbuilding industry. According to San Diego Sport Innovators, a trade group, the sports and active lifestyle category includes more than 1,200 businesses with about 23,000 employees, which accounted for $1.35 billion in direct economic impact in 2011.

By SDSI’s count, 43% of those 1,200 businesses were established in or after 2008, meaning they grew despite the U.S.’s Great Recession. They’ve grown significantly since then: Some 700 jobs were added between 2012 and 2013 alone, almost all of them filled by local hires.

Southern California’s Booming Economy

The sports and active lifestyle category is a broad one, including everything from apparel to hardware (think surfboards and go-karts) to online services that help extreme sports enthusiasts find equipment to borrow. And these companies don’t just serve San Diego — many of them ship products around the country or around the world.

And wherever shipping is involved, Reveel can offer shipping intelligence.

Reveel joined SDSI in 2014. Our consultants had already partnered with companies in the sports and active lifestyle scene, and we were eager to share our expertise to help local business owners improve their bottom lines.

San Diego is already one of the U.S.’s best local economies — the county’s unemployment rate fell to just 3.7% in October, compared to 4.3% statewide — and we firmly believe that as our local businesses attain ever-greater success, our neighborhoods improve too. That’s why we eagerly network with other SDSI member businesses and offer our proven services to SDSI members at discounted rates.

How We Help Southern California Businesses Thrive

Within the action sports industry, one of our first successes was with Encinitas-based Nixon, an apparel line that split with longtime surfwear brand Billabong in 2012. UPS told Nixon they couldn’t offer them the same rates they’d given Billabong, since they were much smaller; Reveel’s consultants used Billabong’s pricing as a baseline and negotiated based on Nixon’s shipping volumes.

Ultimately, we beat the parent company’s contract costs and saved Nixon 19% on shipping. The company still uses Reveel’s Reporting & Analytics tools to get real-time intelligence about costs per shipment and ensure they’re not losing money on services.

We also supported SDSI member SKLZ Global as they sought to better manage their shipping spend. SKLZ makes performance and training equipment for a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis, and lacrosse, and their products are carried by online retailers as well as in brick-and-mortar stores. Reveel’s experts were able to lift the veil on how carriers price the variety of services SKLZ uses and support company leaders in contract negotiations.

Investing in our Community

SDSI has more than 100 members, and we hope many of them will use Reveel’s shipping intelligence services to their benefit. But we also have a personal investment in this community. Many of us have made sports and the outdoors part of our lives in San Diego, and it’s a pleasure to help companies we already love to thrive.

And, of course, this is our home — and as our neighbors become more and more successful, we believe that rising tide lifts all our boats.