Why Reveel

Since 2006, Reveel® has been dedicated to providing Shipping Intelligence® for the smartest business decisions possible. Founded by former DHL sales executives, Reveel was created to level the playing field. Over the past decade-plus, our zero-risk services have saved our clients over $200,000,000.

At Reveel, our mission has always been to increase our clients’ profitability by empowering them with shipping intelligence and advocating for transparency within the industry. Our dedicated team of local experts have been helping companies like you identify measurable savings with invoice auditing and real-time reporting & analytics.

Over the last two years, we have conducted hundreds of interviews with companies, that rely on shipping parcels, to understand what they truely need to manage their shipping expenses. Many told us of the untold hours spent trying to decipher shipping invoices, others told us horror stories of unexpected charges that could have been avoided, and almost everyone expressed concern that they really didn’t have good visibility into how they were actually  performing.
All of this led to the development of Reveel’s all new Shipping Intelligence® Platform, a solution that “Reveels The Unknown” by solving real customer needs with advanced data science and analytics supported by millions of shipping data points – all in an easy to use interface. No ivory tower thinking, just practical do-it-yourself tools, so that you can have peace of mind that your shipping is under control and you’re not spending more than you need to. We’ve lifted the veil on the pricing that your carriers are offering to similar companies, giving you valuable industry and regional benchmarks.

Our new Shipping Intelligence® Platform brings us that much closer to our vision of a world where every business can leverage the power of Shipping Intelligence®